Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Personal

(my handmade Art Journal)

Visual Journaling is a very personal thing. I have always felt that whatever we create as artists - it must be something we are passionate about. If we don't express ourselves in a true and honest way - then what is the point of our art? I have, more than ever before, been practicing this belief in my visual journals. I have learned that there is no benefit to censoring my creativity. Sure, some people may not like the 'politics' I express, or the experiences I have had in my 59 years on the planet, or the views I post here. But, I hope that in some way my ART connects with YOU. Just YOU. Not the masses. Not everyone who comes here to visit. Just one person may say..."yeah, cool, ...".


My generation was the Hippie Generation. Love-ins, peace marches, flowers in our hair. And I loved every moment of it. I felt full of hope during those turbulent yet groovy years. Yes, we wanted a revolution and we sang about it and spoke about it openly and freely. And so, as I openly share my personal journal pages with 'em or hate 'em...the choice is yours...and that is one thing MY generation stood up for....choice.