Monday, February 8, 2010

artist-visual journal thingy

I refuse to over-think the little spurts of creativity that happen to fall upon the pages of my artist-visual journal-thingy. There is no rhyme or reason and I do not tell a story that lasts more than two pages, if I tell a story at all. Sometimes I find myself wondering what birds are thinking...yup, all that and more in my artist-visual journal thingy. Pull up a chair.

(bit by bit, piece by piece... pages evolve)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Background

Lately when I am creating something I have 'revenue' in mind...always searching for a way to bring a few more bucks into the family budget - but for nearly three weeks now I have taken a break and just allowed myself to make marks in my art journal creating backgrounds for future journaling.

I've had a lot to process these past 4+ years - first losing my precious parents, and a few weeks ago my life-long childhood friend/sister, Jan...and so I sought solace in playing in my journal.

I work in layers. I can layer from sunrise to sunset and then layer some more. I love discovering what is below the surface-- to feel as though I can see the history beneath the present. Building the layers, creating texture, laying strong foundation...a lot like life...

I have been working in this same journal for nearly 3 years now - with no rush to get it done and move on to another...often I think pages are done, only to find myself turning to them when hearing them call out for yet another layer...

*above: Additional images by Shepard Fairey*