Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Generation

It has been said that what you love in your youth stays with you.
I loved the 60s and 70s (and the 50s too...yes, I am an oldie but goodie!) and I reflect it in my art.


I had so much fun creating the two page spread seen above. I was listening to a mixed CD of 60s music at the time. Music is a must when I am making art. It allows me to tune out distractions and focus on creating.
The two stamps (a likeness of Bob Dylan, and Give Up War For Lent) were hand-carved during my Zen period.

Talkin' 'bout my generation...(that's me around 1972!)

Does your art reflect the things you loved in your youth?


Ellen said...

Great artwork! More! More!
1972. Geez that was a long time ago. Who knew we'd still be icreating and kicking up a fuss when the need arises? Wow!

~jolene said...

Ellen...oh yeah, '72 was a LONG time ago...whew! Thankfully we still have some of that hippie spirit left in us!!

Glad you enjoyed the journal pages. I do plan to post more in the future!

Ellen said...

For some reason I woke up this morning singing "Talkin' 'bout my Generation!" Just thought I'd mention it! :o)

~jolene said...

Ellen - I laughed out loud when reading your comment! :)

marita said...

1972 beautiful sweet jolene
i was there, somewhere in a close distance the day you flew by high above the amsterdam sky...

~jolene said...

Marita - I can't begin to tell you the countless times I have thought of "flying over you" in Amsterdam -- if only we had the internet back then and we had connected! So close yet so far away!!! Six months in Germany - what a time we could have had together!!!